Club History


The club began in 1919 when a bunch of lads attended a bible class in the Albert Hall on the Shankill Road, Belfast. The club then found premises in Ardoyne Village which is now long gone. Ardoyne Village was a cluster of white washed cottages from Ardoyne up towards Ballysillan on the site of the old Everton School.

In 1939, the lads who were in the club and who had joined the Territorials were mobilised. A club member collected the club trophies and any club information he could gather, he put them in a bag and stowed them away in a coal shed. Club members were scattered across the world and the war years began….

By 1952, Albertville Harriers had secured premises at 2a Olive Street (Woodvale). On Saturdays, a zinc bath was filled with warm water for club members to have a wash, the club also rigged up a type of shower which scattered icy cold water in all directions.

From Olive Street, the club moved to a scout hall in Bray Street for training and from there they moved to Woodvale Recreation Centre until Ainsworth Community Centre offered the club accommodation.

After a few years, it was decided that Ballysillan Leisure Centre had better facilities (and warm showers!) and it was while based here the club flourished.

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