Weekly Roundup 8th-16th Sep

This weeks round up begins with a huge congratulations to the club president Dennis Hill who completed his 100th parkrun this week!

World Masters Athletics Championships – Malaga Half Marathon – 16/09/2019

Great week for the club with Albertville athletes being represented at the World Masters in Malaga . Well down to both in hot conditions. Special mention to Tracey who managed to help her ladies team secure a fantastic silver medal. She recorded a super time and managed to finish 12th overall on her category.

Category Position
12Tracey Atkinson1:31:34W35
56Davy Allen1:38:55M55

BMW Berlin Marathon – 16/09/2019

Stuart aka Forest Campbell produced a great time of just over 4hrs. I think this came as bit of surprise to Stuart but was obviously inspired by his friend Eloid to recorded such as great time!

14810Stuart Campbell

Great North Run 2018

Patrick McShane made his now annual trip to Newcastle to run along with 40k others at this great event. Patrick is making steady return from injury and performed well

4968 Patrick Mcshane01:51:47

Tafelta AC 10 mile – 15/09/2018

Well done to Paul Gorman who managed to capture an age category prize on this hilly course. Paul finished 10th overall.

Paul Gorman65:44PB stays at 62:44

Parkrun Results

Newcastle #429 – 08/09/2018

115Patrick Mcshane22:50PB stays at 22:50

Waterworks, Belfast #411 – 08/09/2018

4Neil Johnston19:28PB stays at 18:37
7John Sloan20:00PB stays at 18:01
49Derek Goodfellow24:19PB stays at 24:19
113Lorraine Moreland28:21PB stays at 26:02
114Debbie Brown28:22PB stays at 22:57
115Verdi Hill28:23PB stays at 23:41
165Emma Grace English33:34PB stays at 26:09
166Agnes Maginnes33:35PB stays at 29:37
174Angela Mcgrath34:53PB stays at 32:59

Valley, Newtownabbey #208 – 08/09/2018

Dennis Hill completed his 100th parkrun at the valley. Great achievement Dennis and best time of the year also !

7Paul Gorman20:00PB stays at 19:25
98Dennis Hill33:24PB stays at 31:49

Waterworks, Belfast #412 – 15/09/2018

9John Sloan19:45PB stays at 18:01
44Brendan Mooney23:13PB stays at 21:40
51Robin Nelson23:32PB stays at 20:40
77Derek Goodfellow24:52PB stays at 24:19
168Rosalind Russell31:13PB stays at 29:35
169Anthony Lavery31:14PB stays at 19:20
174Agnes Maginnes31:38PB stays at 29:37
175Emma Grace English31:39PB stays at 26:09
195Angela Mcgrath34:11PB stays at 32:59

Valley, Newtownabbey #209 – 15/09/2018

25Marlaine Duffy24:43PB stays at 24:34
81Dennis Hill32:27PB stays at 31:49

Good running Well done to all on their running and good luck to all running Belfast Half at the weekend!